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About Bookestan

Our History

Bookestan is a new marketplace for selling E-books and Audiobooks. It is designed to help Vendors from all around the world to sell their products. On the other hand, we try to give a chance to everyone around the world to be able to purchase these products.


Bookestan’s aim is to control the quality of each product that is created to make sure they are in highest standards of the world market. Reading and studying is our passion and we aim to help everyone around the world to have an access to such a service.

Our Policy

In Bookestan we try to our best ability to protect authours, producers and translators right. We will try our best to assure that copyright is protected for each and every product sold in this marketplace. We also will do our best to protect our customer’s privacy.

E-book text is searchable.
The world class quality is guaranteed.
Read your E-books or listen to your Audio book on any device.
more than hundreds of books available.

Free Shipping Anywhere

Since our products are digital therefore there will be no shipping cost whatsoever, however, the copyrights and responsibility of each product belongs to its vendor.

Gift Voucher

What could be better than gifting a piece of education to someone? Gift vouchers will become available ASAP.

Looking for buy

In Bookestan you could listen or read a sample before you purchase. We understand that people have different taste and preferences.

Finally anyone in the world who can read or listen to a beautiful Persian language has a chance to purchase magnificent E-books and Audio books. We owe this to our wonderfull vendors and magnificent users. In Bookestan we are very proud to be a part of this priceless cultural movement.
Mehdi Aardin
Lead Manager

Our Producers